Horses of Iceland

Did you know that there is a special horse breed in Iceland? We have the most amazing horses that are desired all around the world.

Our horses are quite smaller than abroad but they are quite strong! Most breeds around the world have three or four ‘gaits’ style of walking, such as the trot and gallop, Icelandic horses have five. There are only two breeds of horses in the world that can perform all five gaits. Their unique gait is called 'flugskeið' or the flying pace on English. It is a style which developed due to Iceland’s rough terrain and it is used for racing. The other one is Tölt or four-beat lateral ambling gait which is a natural gift that makes these horses so desirable.

The Icelandic horse is considered to be unique, sociable, curious and more intelligent than any other horses around the world. Some might say that the reason for that is how the use of a horse was different in Iceland than abroad. In Iceland they were more used to bringing people between places and lay the luggage directly on the horse. However, in other countries they were used to tow carts and plow fields. Today our horses are used for leisure activities and racing.

It is possible to go horse back riding in Iceland In a beautiful nature environment which is really, really fun and definitely an experience you will never forget.

If you are interested going horseback riding in Iceland and being photographed during your tour I would love to plan your trip and do the most of the horseback riding experience!