This has been in the making for quite some years and here I'm finally adding this to my website! Look no further but now you can book a tour around Iceland, photoshoot and don't worry about renting a car because I got you.

I'm a professional photographer, licensed tour guide and a professional driver.

If you are interested in a tour package/personal tour, reach out now. I would love to help create your dream trip!



Let me tell you the story..

She wanted to see so much in only 3 days and oh my we did it, we managed. I planned everything from the beginning to the end and made a plan for us.

At 7am I picked her up at the airport. We stopped by 4 places on our way to The Blue Lagoon. From there we drove towards Kleifarvatn and ended in Reykjavik where Christina finally got her rest after a really long flight.

On her second day I was already booked for another shoot so we continued on the third day. I picked her up at the hotel and told her that she would need a good night sleep before this day since this day was going to be a day full of adventures! We were driving all the way to the Glacier Lagoon and on our way there we stopped at multiple places like Skogafoss and Kvernufoss. She really wanted to see the plane wreck so that was an additional spot, though I do feel like it’s a bit overrated. From there we headed to the black sand beach and then straight to the Glacier Lagoon and then straight back! This was quite the day.

The fourth day we drove to Arnarstapi! We stopped by a couple of places like Búðir, the black church, Rauðafeldsgjá and Landbrotalaug, a natural Hot spring. 

This was quite the trip and wow we were so exhausted at the end but it was so much fun.

I will never offer anything like this again since sleep and breaks are important.  But here I am with this new addition that I'm super excited for and I can't wait to see where this leads me.  Now I can show my talents in photography, tour guiding and my extra driver license. 

Contact me if you want to join me on my adventures <3