About Me

Hey, it's me.

My name is Birta Þöll Sveinbjörnsdóttir. No worries you can call me B, It's hard to pronounce it if you are not Icelandic. 

I got into photography when I was in elementery school. I always carried on one of these small cameras every where I went. 

 It was not until I was graduating high school when I got my first "professional" camera. It was a canon T2i and that's when I started really diving into photography and exploring my passion. I then applied to school in New York and Norway. Got into both of them and chose Norwegian School of Photography. I am so lucky I found out what I really wanted to do so early in life because not everyone knows what they really want to do.

Since I graduated 2018  I have really turned this passion into my career and I would never change a thing about it. I couldn't imagine my life without photography. I am now a full time photographer who focuses on Couples, Weddings, families but also do much more than that.

I will always give all I have to capture my best work and give you the best possible product that I can. I think Its really important to capture the moments that are gone forever. Having an album of your best memory is the greatest gift. I believe in capturing raw real candid moments that will last forever.

On more personal notes, I'm 24 years old, vegan. I lived in Norway for two years to study. I am a travel guide, graduated 2020 to combine two of my favourite things together, photography and travel. I am always looking for a new adventure so don't hesitate to contact.